You Give Up Things When You Hire Average Attorneys, Product Liability Attorneys Especially. Things Like Justice. Or Winning Your Case.

Has there been an injury because of a defective product or because of wrong advertising claims about a product? A product liability lawsuit falls under the area of law called Personal Injury.  Our legal system is set up to defend and pay back people who have been injured because of the negligence of companies who make products.

Do you even have a products liability lawsuit? Let the attorneys come to you and tell you!

You don’t have to be rich or know the “right” people to bring a lawsuit against these companies. You certainly don’t have to agree to a settlement with their insurance company for less than you deserve! You do, however, have to have a GOOD lawyer. Top rated attorneys take the hard cases and they win.  And now, you can hire one, no matter who you are. Often, your first meeting with them is free!

This is how you find a top product liability attorney in your area:
1. Make a list of 10 to 15 attorneys, product liability or personal injury. You will find them advertising in ads all over this page.  Finding them is FREE!

Don’t be afraid to have attorneys, product liability firms contact you!  The more names you can put on your list to start with, the better. Remember, you are just making a list right now, not hiring a products liability attorney!

2. Now that you have a list, you need to go to, which is a free lawyer ratings service. Enter the names of the product liability lawyers on your list, one by one. All you have to put in is their first and last name, and their city and state.  When the lawyer you are looking for comes up, look at the bottom of the listing. You want to see an “AV Preeminent 5 out of 5.0” rating. These are the attorneys who will stay on your list and that you will interview.

3. You can also check your final list of attorneys out through Start by entering the state where the attorney practices law. Then under “Keyword”, enter the name of the attorney.  You don’t have to enter the area of law that they practice. If the person has been selected as a Super Lawyer, it will say so to the right of the listing. If not, they won’t come up.

4. Now, interview the attorneys on your list. Not all of them will take your case, which is fine.  You will find the One attorney or law firm that is a good match for you.

The reality is this: You have to have a really good lawyer on your side if you’re going to win, whether it’s a product liability lawsuit or getting fair personal injury compensation or good personal injury advice. This is especially true if you have a product liability claim because the law isn’t always as exact as it could be. A really good attorney, products liability or otherwise, can help you get the decision that you need to go forward in life.

The good news is that the Martindale rating is an old, very well-respected system that offers a free lawyer ratings service for attorneys. And you can use that system to find the highest rated product liability lawyers. With these Super Lawyers justice will be served. You can make these companies whose products have hurt you or someone you care about take responsibility for their defective or harmful products. You  don’t have to agree to a small settlement with their product liability insurance company. You can win.

The lawyer ratings system is not a small, insignificant thing in the legal community. Only the attorneys or lawyers who are professional, ethical, and do an outstanding job are rated an “AV Preeminent”. They are rated by other lawyers, judges, and clients themselves. You will notice that a majority of lawyers don’t have this level of rating and that’s because it’s reserved only for a handful of the very best lawyers in the country. Personal injury compensation will be far more possible with a highly rated products liability attorney or Super Lawyer.

Where do product liability claims come from?  One starting point for you to find this answer is the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.  They will give you an overview of the product safety laws in the U.S.  Personal injury trial lawyers have successfully won product liability claims against a large variety of companies for varied reasons.  Here are just a few examples:

-Vaccine injury: There are a number of vaccines on the market, some of which cause enormous pain and suffering. Vaccine side effects are very real!
– Hoodia side effects: Not just Hoodia side effects – other supplements with dangerous side effects as well!)
Nursing home neglect: The worst part of nursing home neglect is that often you trust someone to take care of your loved one because you cannot.  Then, they betray that trust.
-Asbestos injury: An asbestos attorney, mesothelioma and other diseases included, is important if you are sick and possibly dying.
-Medical product liability: This one may surprise you…  If a defective medical device is used on you or put into your body, you may have a medical product liability claim.
-Defective auto injury: Good personal injury advice is very important when a defective auto injury is the problem.
Dangerous toys for kids injuries
Food poisoning: Lawyer aside, there are some cases of food poisoning that will leave you permanently impaired.  A food poisoning lawyer can help with personal injury compensation.

Do you even have a good case?  Let the attorneys tell you!  If you end up working with someone who is experienced in dealing with product liability claims and is a really good lawyer, you stand the best chance possible of getting personal  compensation for your hurt and injury.

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